We are moving!!!!!

Our farm is picking itself up and setting back down right outside pf Penn Yan on 54!

Many of our customers were having a very hard time finding us, so we decided to relocate to a lovely piece of land that is right on the Seneca Lake wine trail off of State Route 14. 

Because we are moving our entire farm, we will be finishing out our farmer's market and our scheduled events, but we are closed for the season for on-farm sales. 

More to come...

We are really excited to be serving you in a better location ands will be re-opening in the spring. We will be expanding the creamery to accommodate customer seating and expanding our menu. Keep tuned for more....

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About us....

Once upon a time, when things were slower, and there were no such things as pesticides and herbicides, families grew all that they needed on a small plot of land. These "micro-farms" sustained most of America. With the introduction of chemicals, factory farming and a "Go big or go home" attitude, these practices were lost. We feel that it is time to bring them back.

Our Goal:

Our future plans are to start our own milking herd and produce our own milk and cream for the frozen custard.

We will only be selecting cows that produce A2/A2 milk. Therefore, when we get to the point of using our own milk and cream, our custard will be made with 100% A2/A2 milk. If you are unfamiliar with A2/A2, we recommend that you do some studying and learn about the difference between milk. A few good resources are the book "Devil in the milk" and The Weston A. Price Foundation. Or you could just google it!

Gottslond Farm Tour Video