Choose your brand of YUM!


Vanilla Creme- Handcrafted vanilla and white chocolate

Wicked Chocolate- Sinfully dark chocolate

Strawberry Rhubarb- Strawberry with a delightful kick

Wild Black Raspberry- Wild picked black raspberries. What more can we say?

Dark Forest- Sour cherries accompanied by dark chocolate bits

Black 'n' Blue Berry- Blackberries and blueberries swimming in white chocolate

Cinnamon Stick- A seasonal, yet delightful cinnaminy flavor that will warm you to your toes. Perfect paired with apple, pumpkin and.... any other dessert!

Ditch Mint Chip- Wild mint leaves brewed in a creamy base with dark chocolate bits

Seneca Salted Caramel- Homemade caramel sauce perfectly paired with salt from beneath Seneca Lake

Tad's Java Junction- The result of our buddy Tad begging for a coffee flavor: the perfect blend of locally roasted, certified organic coffee, dark chocolate bits and hazelnuts. 

Very Vanilla Chai- Vanilla Chai lovers... this is for you! We use six spices along with black tea and our signature, handcrafted vanilla to bring you a complex, creamy chai from scratch. The perfect way to enjoy your Chai when the temperature gets steamy.

Hot Mud- Calling all tough guys. Here is a flavor that will leave you blowing smoke. Taste this dark chocolate custard with chunks of dark chocolate and jalapeño pepper flakes. Sweet, dark and spicy. Sounds like fun. 

Emu Tracks- Prepare to get chunky. With a base of caramel custard and enough almond slivers and dark chocolate pieces to bruise your mouth, you're in for a ride. A delightfully crunchy flavor.

Key Lime Coconut Cream- Hey all, this one is DAIRY FREE!!!!!!!!! With a base of creamy, organic coconut milk, and enough key lime to send your taste buds to the Caribbean, this is a treat for those with lactose intolerance and for anyone with  the need for a little va-ca south of the border.